EMPLOYEES  - Our employees are paid according to the rate of the plastics processing industry in Hesse, we are a member of the association and are currently training 3 apprentices at the Hessisch Lichtenau location.

POWER GENERATION - gera-folien produces approximately the same amount of electricity as we use, 600 MWhs per year, by operating a 700 kWP solar power plant.

We invested in a compressor plant with frequency-control, compound SPS and heat recovery, in presence-based or LED lighting systems, trying to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. The two last additions of our production are heated with heat recovery from our air compressors together in combination with industrial surface heating.

FOREST AND GREEN On 45.000 m² company ground, buildings of 6.000 m² and traffic area of around 3.000 m² leaves a lot of space for green, as well as green roofs on a production hall and the office. The owner family is committed to WWF and other similar organizations and owns further 15 ha reforestation ground.

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