We are a traditional family business. Gert Geissen worked at the parental company van der Linden & Neuber packaging in Kassel and afterwards worked as sales representative for a bag manufacturer. This company did not want to produce covers for documents, first day covers and similar products, or only in poor quality. In order to serve potential customers, Gert Geissen founded the company gera-folien in Hirschhagen near Hessisch Lichtenau in 1970 and developed it into a market leader in special cases, as well as standard brochure cases as mass-produced items. Robert Geissen has taken over management of the company in 1999 and pursues the same business goals and methods, continuous partnership with a reliable team of "old hands" in the company and a diversified pool of customers around the world.
In 2001, we bought Transparent Office Products Corp. in New Jersey, which we continue to manage as LLC, Transparent Office Products acquired Franklin Distributors Corp. to expand our program by collection- and photo pockets.
In 2003, we took over assets of Scandinavian Stationery Company A / S in Albertslund / Denmark and integrated the products into our manufacturing and sales program, activities in Denmark were discontinued.
In 2009 we founded Polyfina gera GmbH in Grödig near Salzburg and thereby acquired the assets of Polyfina from bankruptcy and the production of the swiss company Dufco SA. 

In 2012, we extended our production with a 600 m² extension hall to accommodate 4 Kiefel tear seal welding machines from our Austrian subsidiary, which we closed. Here we manufacture tear-seal items, packaging, desk pads and other more stable items. In 2015, a Widmann ultrasonic cutting machine strengthened the program, in 2018 a new thermal tear-seal machine and a new film cutting machine came along.
We produce more around 500 million products per year on four ultrasonic and ten thermal welding machines. We generate approx. € 8 million turnover with 45 employees in Hessisch Lichtenau near Kassel. The aim of the company is satisfaction and partnership with our customers through the supply of economically produced, optimally processed products. To do this, we continue to invest most of our profits. In fall, our oldest 4-lane hull machine was completely refurbished with a video-based quality control system. We manufacture up to 3 million sheet protectors per day on our 3 - 4-lane machines. Packaging machines, some with robotic or automatic carton erection, allow automatic bag packaging of 10 - 200 pieces, if necessary with sales sheet and label outside, visually appealing produced from PP or PE foil.
At the beginning of 2019, we simplified work for our employees by installing 2-layer palletizing machines with 4 new carton sealers, thus investing over 1 million in one year.
To this day, we manufacture products for filing flat products of all kinds and are constantly expanding our production possibilities for cases for storing items such as carpet samples, CDs, drills or "normal" paper from DIN A8 - A1, as well as blanks and writing pads up to 52x72 cm., which we export to countries from Mexico to Japan.We are happy to develop solutions for packaging, filing, or for the inclusion of price tags, production orders, operating instructions etc.

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